About Us

We believe in providing quality skin care products.  Our philosophy is using only natural ingredients - and the fewer the better.  We don't believe in harmful chemicals, using instead what nature intended.  

At newuhealthandbody.com, If the skin care item has a white label it is best for daytime. If the skin care item is labeled with a black label it is best to use at nighttime. However, the white and black label maybe used as needed and when needed.

Our founder Kelly had trouble with acne for years.  Despite having gone through esthetician school and trying every option recommended by her dermatologists, nothing worked.   She finally found success in creating her own products - with her goal keeping it natural and simple.  Kelly decided to share her success with you, by offering the same products that have worked for her.

We believe in delivering products that are sanitary.  Kelly worked for years in a microbiology lab where she learned the secrets behind disinfection, sterilization, and purification.   


NewU is based in the Florida panhandle and was founded in 2019.  We sell our wide range of body care, makeup, and fragrances to individuals who are seeking something new.  We are your body shop online.